Copyright holders

Copyright holders
Dear rightholders!

The management of the portal acts according to the laws of the Russian Federation and follows all necessary procedures for the voluntary settlement of intellectual property disputes in accordance with Art. 15.7 FZ-149 "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection".

All information published on the site is public and is intended solely for informational purposes. Placement of material on the Internet portal is carried out by visitors to the site, by filling in a special form. After filling in the appropriate form, the material can be automatically edited or supplemented with information from open sources on the Internet. Audio material is also added by users, by specifying a direct link to the archive. This kind of content can be automatically modified. Based on the above information, the portal's management is not responsible for the observance of copyrights to the information posted on the site.

If you, being the owner of certain content, found that the site violates your rights, we ask in the shortest possible time to address to the email address and perform the following actions:

1) Provide documents in electronic form, officially confirming your rights to the specified material, protected by the relevant copyright law. For confirmation, you must send one of the following materials:

- a scanned or qualitatively made photograph of an official document with an appropriate seal
- the letter in electronic form, received from the official domain of the company of the legal owner
- any other document or information capable of proving that you are the true owner of the specified content

2) Indicate the links from our portal, where the material that infringes copyrights is placed. When you receive a letter to an e-mail address, with a properly formatted application, where the relevant document is attached, proving your rights, the site administration will contact you for a peaceful settlement of the matter.скачать софт —начала зайдите на смотреть фильмы онлайн, а потом об¤зательно на и останетесь здесь навсегда
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